Campsite informations

Campsite overview

Campsite rules

We welcome all camping guests and wish you a pleasant and relaxing stay. We are glad that you spend your vacation with us. Our goal is to make your stay at our campsite as pleasant as possible. In order to make all our present recreation-seeking guests feel comfortable, we ask you to support us in keeping the peace and order on this campsite. In the interest of all camping guests and visitors, we ask you to strictly observe the following campsite rules. Thank you very much!

  1. Scope of application
    The campsite rules apply to all campsite guests (i.e. permanent and temporary guests) as well as to all other visitors of the campsite. By entering the campsite, the campsite guest or visitor unconditionally accepts these campsite rules as well as the relevant legal or official regulations.
  2. Arrival/Access/Registration
    Access to the campsite is only allowed after registration. Upon arrival, please register at the reception and fill in a registration form. The payment of the campsite fee is made directly upon arrival. Please register also if you want to visit the campsite only for a short time. Young people up to the age of 18 have to present a written consent of their legal guardian at the time of registration.
  3. Place assignment
    The reception staff will assign you a parking space. An unauthorized change of site is not permitted. Only one mobile home or caravan is allowed per site.
    Visitors must also register when entering the site. A visitor is any person who enters the site and does not intend to stay overnight. It is irrelevant whether the visit is only for a short time or for the whole day.
    Visitors staying overnight with campers in parked caravans, mobile homes, tents, etc. must pay the corresponding full person fees according to the current price list. Visitors are not allowed to drive their vehicles on the site. The camping guest has to take care that his visit is duly announced and that this visit behaves likewise the
    campsite rules.
  4. Rental objects
    Smoking is strictly prohibited in all rented accommodation. Pets are allowed in the rented accommodation only after prior agreement with the reception staff.
  5. Dogs
    Dogs must always be kept on a leash on the campsite. Care must be taken to ensure that they defecate outside the campsite. “Mishaps” on the site are to be disposed of immediately. Dogs are not allowed in the washing and toilet facilities.
  6. Waste
    Everybody has to leave his place clean and tidy at departure and has to dispose of his garbage according to the garbage separation in the corresponding containers.
  7. Fire/Grilling
    Open fires are forbidden on the whole camping area. Barbecuing with charcoal is not allowed under the pine trees, the paved paths can be used as an alternative barbecue area. The barbecue heating material must be completely and permanently extinguished by 10:00 p.m. at the latest. The ignition of flares, illuminated ammunition, fireworks and the like is prohibited on the entire camping area.
  8. Quiet hours
    Night rest is between 22:00 and 07:00 and noon rest is from 13:00 to 15:00. Disturbing noise especially during noon and night rest is to be refrained from, playing radios and instruments during this time is not allowed. At the other
    times only as loud as not to disturb or inconvenience other guests.
  9. Vehicles
    Driving with vehicles of all kinds is only allowed on the designated paths at walking speed (speed limit 10km/h). Pedestrians have priority, please pay special attention to children.
  10. Sanitary building
    We attach great importance to order and cleanliness and carry out constant checks of all facilities. Please leave the sanitary facilities in perfect condition. Smoking and bringing glass bottles and glasses into the sanitary rooms is not permitted. Do not throw litter in the toilets, please use the litter garbage cans provided.
  11. Reception staff
    The instructions of the reception staff must always be followed. In case of non-compliance with the campsite rules and regulations, you will be immediately expelled from the campsite.